It’s #CostEffective

Why are you still paying for your CPA’s building? The Small Batch model is all about staying lean and taking quality CPA service straight to small business owners. No fancy office building, no costly employees. It’s just not necessary anymore with today's technology. The traditional CPA firm model is inefficient, and the client pays for it. With Small Batch you pay for the services, not the overhead.

It’s #Personalized

With Small Batch, the goal is simple: Provide a highly curated service by a trusted professional at an affordable rate. That goal is reached by delivering to each client the exact solution they need on a highly individualized basis. Whether it's one hour of bookkeeping a month or a new partial CFO, the Small Batch model can fit your business needs. Say goodbye to clunky service offerings that are never quite what you were looking for.

It's #Incentivized

In the Small Batch model, it’s business owners working directly with business owners. They say, “renters don’t plant flowers in the garden.” It’s true with renters and it’s true with employees - neither tend to have the best interest of the owners in mind. This is truly a service from one business owner to another, not a service being passed down to the least qualified member of the staff.

It’s #Exclusive

The key to Small Batch is keeping the client base small. This allows the CPA to commit massive amounts of energy to each client. An optimal model offers availability to around twenty clients. Compare that to traditional models with hundreds of clients per owner. Here, you get a true business partner that is invested in your goals and whose value to your business will compound over time.

Switch to Small Batch CPA Services. It’s #TheFuture.

- Matt