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Access to professional services should be simple and affordable. That will be my goal in helping your small business every step of the way. Whether you need one hour of bookkeeping per month, or a part-time CFO, I have a solution that will help your small business. Bookkeeping is the baseline of my service offerings, but it’s a necessity. Tax planning, profitability analysis, goal setting, and budgeting - these are the areas that will help your business grow. I offer them all to you in affordable monthly packages.

Service Value

The true value of my service is that it compounds over time. I work with a limited number of clients which allows me to commit a massive about of energy to each one. This is truly a business partnership, not just a place to drop off your documents every month.

Monthly Financial
The necessities, and right on time.
Consulting Services
Be proactive, not reactive.
Profitability Analysis
The one way to Improve is to track.
Ongoing Tax
Two words.
No Surprises.
Yearly Tax
Erase the headaches.
I've got it taken care of.
Budgeting &
Goal Setting
Goal setting is fundamental.
Let's get there together.